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  • Hi Dennis, I was given your site card by LegalAlien today at the toy run in Kamloops. I build sidecars, trikes, custom fab work etc and wanted to ask permission if it was ok to post my website link up to show what it is that I do. There is nothing for sale, nor am I trying to sell anything but being such a small industry that I am in, I thought it may be informative for some riders. Didn't want to make a introduction with the link as my first post, haha. LegalAlien said I should contact you. We had a good conversation today at the end of the toy run and turns out we are friends with a lot of the same people in town, just never met each other before. Thanks for your time. Nice site too :)
    Hi Dennis,

    I found a few things about MY display on the site. First games column is overposted (is that even a word??) on the New posts one. Then I can tell that my search box is also on top of something else...but couldn't tell what.
    Then...when I go to arcade and play a game....once finished the system throws me out (log out) and this message appear.
    "The administrator has disabled playing games for your usergroup.."
    You wouldn't do that to me....would you???

    Anyway....I thought I'd give you an update on my system which obviously doesn't work properly.

    Again....why me???? hi hi hi

    Thanks for looking into that.....

    Thank you.....but to give you just a bit more grief.....when I go to the link and kicks me off I have to log back .......
    I love to confuse people!!!!
    Hi Dennis,

    After debating with Bob I guess I should let you know that on my toolbar....there is NO Games. I have all the rest as his but mine goes from what's new to blogs and nothing in between or after......why oh why....I'm addicted to the games Dennis......:shaking head::banghead:
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