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  • I don't know who you really are , and I'll probably never meet you, but it is nice to know that there is somebody who attends government functions who actually cares about motorcyclists , as for the BCCOM name , I've been hangin about this forum for a year or two , and I can say I did once read something that explained what it is,,,, perhaps those who take care of advertizing could hook -up a link to a page with deatails as to what it means ,, not all the motorcyclists in this province know who you are and what you're about . :) smile an keep up the good work .
    Thank you! I just got this message I did not notice the notifications box before (duh) After reading the posts from "dirty Bill" it is kind of nice to get a thanks. I know why he had been kicked off of every forum he has ever been on :)

    Thanks again!
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