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  • Nope, unfortunately the budget wouldn't allow for it. I sure did want to though, Laguna Seca is my favorite race track for sure. Never been there in person yet but I've been around it countless times in video games. It'll be time for the real thing in the near future I say.
    Will be down in Heffly Creek for a week ,, no bikes, just a couple of hundred people shooting muzzleloading guns and camping out. will think of you and your alien neighbour at least once at the campfire.
    hi linda, for some reason the web site won't allow me to reply in the forum. but yeah it was a nice time in Merritt, it was great to meet you and the other guys. I'll keep an eye on the forum..
    Great concert. It got quite smokey at the soundgarden concert with green but the music and company did not disappoint. Cheers.
    That's great......you'll like Montana and Idaho.....October might be a bit late weather wise.
    Alaska cruises are perfect in July and from Vancouver they are pretty cheap lately. I have been thinking for a long time about one for myself.....but......never did
    The Guaipecas liked your suggestion and we are planning to go to Montana and Idaho next october. 4 of 5 members. Thank you. BTW, how is the weather in July to a ship cruise from Vancouver to Allaska with my widfe. I don't like hot summers, you know.
    Do you just marshal in Mission? Or are there other tracks around? How far is Mission from you?

    Note: Sorry for all the questions but in my defense I am not from here and did random searches for tracks off and on since I moved here hoping I would be able to get some time to at least go and watch some racing. Most of the tracks I found were down in the US.....which I looked into as far as how long a trip it would be. ha!
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