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  • I`ve been riding my XR650L all winter this year, and one thing I can say is make sure you have a good pair of gloves. I`ve come close to frostbite once or twice. But it seems to be do-able so far, dont forget your rain gear
    welcome , , but hey I should skip reading details ,,I'm startin to feel I may be getting old, one of my kids is 9 years older than you. Do you have a specific reason for picking Vancouver? hell it's crowded, when you come be sure to take a weekend trip over to Vancouver island , check out Victoria, more of a laid back pace than Vancouver, downside is th ferry ride and the cost of that ride. I live 500 miles North of Vancouver so the riding season here is only 6 months,, the interior is super and lots of wild places , but winter is harsh here.
    Hey Holly :welcome:.
    Does that mean you're going to have your bike shipped by boat here or are you leaving it behind and you buy another one in Vancouver?
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