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  • Hi Bob I know that your a busy man could you please post this info for me if it has not been done yet June 16 2013 is the 13th annual Fathers Day Poker Run Sponsered by the West Kootaney Toy Run. !st card and breakfast at Joeys Ownly Resurant in Castlegar between 8 and 10 Please bring food donation to help us support the Castlegar Comnmunity Harvest Food Bank Thank you Colin J Macdonald
    If I can sell my R1 to a budd at the gym, I'll take that bike off your hands. Maybe hold it for two weeks or so and I'll see if I can't get my shit together?
    Hope you're doing well. Still in Kamloops?

    Just thought I'd let you know that I replied to a PM from Sikorsky and told him I'm tired of this BS between him and I and how it's pissing people off and I apoligized to him and if he would do the same, everything would be forgotten. Sent it 3 days ago so am still waiting for a reply. No surprise as Cops do not like to apologize. I'll be sending the same PM to the Mods on

    Have a good day/week/month etc

    hey super moderator ! I used to have a few photos on here, now I see nothing . did they just evaporate? or did I tick someone off?
    Hey LegalAlien, looks like I'll be selling here and buying over there... But shipping is an option price dependent and market dependent :)
    Thanks for the wall message :D Feeling freaking loved! :D
    Hi Bob I do not know how to put up a post so could you do it for me please The West Kootaney toy run is also on this Weekend it is on Sunday Sept 11 2011it strats at Castlegar Cumminty complex at 10 am{ letsride260} colin
    Hey Bob,

    Are you on for a ride today??? It seems to be getting nicer outside and I was thinking of going on a short one. Can't go too far since I need tires. But if you feel like it....let me know....

    Not sure if you are admin or not but I think BCCOM will leave this site as it is causing BS that none of us needs I do not have time to defend, it is redundant. Thanks for all
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