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    Northwest Motorcycle School 2011

    I just got back from Northwest Motorcycle School last weekend... I look forward to learning dirt and track next all I need is more bikes, more money, more time! Northwest Motorcycle School - Motor Officer - Advanced riding course - Ride Like A Cop The course: 8am - 6:30pm, 4 days, 42 hours...
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    Hurt Report - A motorcycle safety study

    The Hurt report is one of few reports addressing motorcycle safety. I believe this should be added to the sticky thread as a link for New riders. Take a close look at this list to identify the risks, assess the biggest dangers, and move yourself to a category with favorable odds. What's your...
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    Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

    Just completed the base course this weekend April 11 on a red ST1300. Some links: More feedback on BC sportbikes About me: I've never taken any formal instruction. My training involved riding with experienced friends and family for less than an hour at a...
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    2006 sportster 883C $7500

    Selling my sportster, US bike, metric speedo, grips, pipes, intake, jets, tach, original parts 8000k, service records, stored indoors, bought a new bike, could use as partial trade towards a mid 2000+ suv/pickup $7500 obo 604 - 309 - 7596 - Trevor, or PM/e-mail...
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    Bike Types

    How do you want to ride?
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    GS shootout

    OneWheelDrive.Net Arctic Challenge Part 1: KTM 990 Adventure vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure & F800GS interesting review of three adventure models from Vancouver to the arctic circle via Nunavut.
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    Plan a trip with Google Maps

    This thread links riders to interesting routes available for modification, printout, or download to a GPS. For all posts please attach a digital route and a summary of what they mean. If you post a suggestion or alteration please attach the edited route so it can be seen and criticized. A...
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    Lowside Videos

    Here's a stretch of road navigated without error: Here are some lowside videos with a slow motion to see what happened from the same stretch: 2. 3...
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    New from Langley

    Hello, My name is Trevor started riding a few years ago with a '82 virago that broke down and ended at the scrap yard, played around with an '06 XL883C and saw a lot of local roads but highway speeds and long distances were killer. Newest bike this year is an '05 ST1300A and look forward to...