Ducati Rally in Nelson BC end of June 2015


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I am planning a ride from Vancouver Island to the Ducati Rally in Nelson BC at the end of June.

Here are details for the Ducati rally in Nelson:


Here is my basic itinerary:

Thursday June 25th:

Take the ferry from Nanaimo on the morning, ride up through Whistler / Pemberton / Duffy Lake Road (AWESOME!), and spend the night in Lillooet.

Friday June 26th:

Ride to Penticton, spend the night there.

Sat June 27th:

Ride to Nelson, stay there nights of 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th.

Wed July 1st:

Ride to Winthrop, WA. Spend the night there.

Thurs July 2nd:

Ride Hwy 20 to Anacortes, catch the ferry to Sidney, and return home.

Highway 20 in Washington is literally the #1 motorcycling road anywhere near the west coast...phenomenal!!

Here is a google map of my proposed route:


Here is some more info about Hwy 20:


If anyone wants to ride all or part of it with me, we can sort out details, but FWIW, I am not a huge fan of covering large distances in a single day. More than around 400 km in a day starts to feel like a marathon to me, and I enjoy the experience a lot less. I like being able to stop for a swim, to check out some interesting things on the route, etc. A couple of hours riding in the morning, leisurely lunch, then a couple more hours riding in the afternoon is a pace that I enjoy. Having said that, life does not always allow a leisurely pace and I will work with you to define an itinerary we both can live with if you are interested in going.

I am open to camping to keep costs down, and happy to bring along tent and sleeping bag...BUT I am a fair weather (i.e. perfect weather) camper only. Anything less than perfect weather, and I would definitely prefer to stay in a hotel or motel.

I will be riding my 2013 Ducati Multistrada. I am a very experienced (30+ years) rider, and I enjoy a quick pace. I have no problem stopping to wait periodically for anyone slower; every one needs to ride at their own pace to be safe and have fun.

So, there it is!

Let me know if you are interested. I can be reached by email at:

dougmgreen (at) gmail dot com



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Hey Doug
One change I would recommend is taking 5A south to Princeton after Merritt. 5A is a sweet road & 3 is pretty good too. Maybe a little slower than 97C+97, but worth it. Riding 97 beside the lake is scenic, but after Oliver it gets slow. If you take this route, it would probably make sense to head for Osoyoos instead of Penticton. Last year I did Vancouver-Merritt-Princeton-Osoyoos in a day (on my 2013 MTS) & it was no sweat. See you at the rally.


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Hey, just logging into this forum now.

Doug, is there a reason you're going to do the Duffy Lake road, but then head south to Penticton and Hwy 3? Nicer riding IMO if you go through Vernon (I can suggest some good routes from Lillooet or Merrit) and take Hwy 6 to Nakusp via the Needles ferry. Then a straight shot down to Nelson, either through the Slocan Valley or via Kaslo (mind you, if you're riding out of Nelson for several days, guaranteed you'll do this as a loop at some point...).

I feel the same as you regarding long distance riding, and I can say that Lillooet to Vernon in one day should be easy, and Vernon to Nelson via Hwy 6 is an easy day too.

BTW, like LD, I'm a Nelson area local... (Hey Ian, how ya doin?)