Motorcyclist crushed by logs in Whistler.


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The motorcycle rider, a 65-year-old West Vancouver man, was pronounced dead at Whistler Health Care Centre.
RIP rider.
Condolences to his family and friends.

Motorcyclist crushed by logs in Whistler, B.C. crash - British Columbia - CBC News

I always am cautious when I have to pass these logging trucks on the highway, especially in corners. And I can't help it but I also have to "inspect" the steel cables that secure their loads.
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RIP to the rider.

Lots of logging trucks and chip trucks down here in the Kootenays...mostly the drivers are good, but...

I was witness to a logging truck that went off the road on a bend on the Wardner-Ft. Steele road once...I was working in a building set below the road when I heard a loud bang, and looked up to see that a log had come right through the wall. Went outside to check, saw the truck on its side with the logs strewn around like matchsticks...checked on the driver, he was able to climb out unassisted (through the driver's door window, the tractor was on its side). No-one else hurt in that accident...but, it does happen!