Question - Getting the license BC vs QC


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I plan on moving to BC in a year or two and I really want to get my license. Here's my question:

What are the difference between getting your motorcycle license in BC vs QC.
I have read a website that state that once you pass your knowledge test you can drive accompanied by a qualified supervisor.
Here in Quebec, once you pass the knowledge test, you can only practice with a supervisor (from a driving school in their parking lot, or area)
You can start driving on the road once you do your skill test. The thing is that if you want to pratice more or get better, there's no way to practice without the driving school. (Which means you have to pour out money)

So if I read the website well, here in BC, you can drive on the road as you soon as you passed your knowledge test as long that your accompanied by another driver that has the full motorcycle license?
Am I getting my hopes up for a better system or its the same as QC?

Thank you

(Sorry if there's any spelling mistakes or weird sentences structures. English is not my native language but I aspire to get better.)