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Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing is an independently owned motorsport clothing company. We design and manufacture motorcycle gear for the whole industry.

I raced for many years and took my passion for motorcycles into the apparel field. I searched the world for top rate manufacturers who would make exactly the kind of riding clothing I knew the consumer wanted.

We have aligned ourselves with manufacturers who only make TOP QUALITY gear for our customers at prices well below the name brands.

Please check out our website to see some of our styles and read the five pages of testimonials from our satisfied customers at

RSD also makes custom gear in ANY design you want. Nothing is too difficult for us to make. If you have seen a jacket, pant, glove, suit or anything else which you would like to improve on or just make as it is, let us know and we will do it for you at far below the cost of the original.

Our store is stocked with ready made gear available to be bought just like any other retailer. We also do full alterations on any riding clothing you have.

Our goal is to be your "one stop gear shop" for riding clothing. Please check us out. You will be glad you did!

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